Web Design Trends in 2018

With the dawn of 2018 comes new ways of designing for the web. To most observers, it might seem as if new web design trends come down the road every day. While older trends still get used by designers and developers, new visions of what web design can do for the user have taken shape.

This article will discuss the best web design trends 2018. Some of the trends on this list have existed for a couple of years while others have only popped in the past year or so.

Really Bright Gradients

In the past, a web designer or front-end developer could get away with adding a few dashes of color for an astonishing user experience. Using contrasting or complementary colors created a contrast that was pleasing to the eye of the user. These days, we see less contrast and more natural gradients.

By using the natural gradients between two colors, the page can move easier. The user’s eye can also move along with the page scheme without abrupt interruption in the experience. To create a gradient, start with the color of your company brand. Choose a shade of said color that’s about 20 percent darker than the original. You can then move on to a shade that’s slightly lighter. Add this effect to your website for a elegant user experience.

Responsive Logos

Both responsive web design and mobile-first design have become a standard part of the web design experience for web designers and front-end developers. But one challenge that many design professionals struggled with is making a company logo visible but not taking up too much space in the web page.

In 2018, we have gone from responsive web design to responsive logos. Companies want their logos to get immediately associated with their brand. As a result, you’ll see more logos get remade in a responsive mode within the coming months.


Movement will become one of the more dominant web design trends 2018. Make a user remember your site with such features as animated hover elements, the animation of other site elements, and icon movement.

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, take your hover states and incorporate increased depth or even gradient buttons. You can think of any number of ways to get the user to draw their eyes to certain parts of the page.

While movement in a web page can act as a great trend to incorporate into your next project, you should consider the fact that subtlety will make a more significant impact than loud, obnoxious elements. If you go too large with your page movements, the user experience can sour pretty quickly, resulting in no interaction with the site’s elements.

Textures and Patterns

Featuring familiar textures and patterns can promote a sense of visual harmony that could comfort the user and make them more likely to interact with your site. If you sell a product or service, you probably try to evoke several different emotions in your marketing materials to achieve your desired result. You could use the same pattern throughout the pages of your website to bring about specific associations, which can turn into a purchase or email address or other positive response from the user.

If you’re interested in upgrading your web design with some of these 2018 web design trends, contact the team at Ordained Creative Designs today!

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